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Competitive compensation and benefits. Outstanding reputation. Access to world-class resources. By offering our health care professionals every opportunity to succeed, we’ve helped to build careers, practices – and a place we are all proud to call home.

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Our staff and colleagues on working with us

"HSHS Medical Group gives our practice competitive advantages."

John Crowe, MD & Anthony Truong, DO
Establishing a new clinic was both possible and practical by partnering with HSHS Medical Group.

On Opening A New Clinic

“The opportunity to open a new clinic has been very exciting. We have been able to establish the type of clinic that we wanted to with the type of medical staff that we have chosen ourselves. Also, the overall theme of compassionate care that HSHS Medical Group represents is in alignment with our personal and professional beliefs.”

On Having The Support Of The HSHS Medical Group

“It's the best of both worlds in Fairview Heights. Our practice is small enough to know patients by name, and we have the ability to provide personalized, compassionate care to these patients. We’re also big enough to offer a wealth of resources through the HSHS Medical Group to provide complete care.”

On Building A Practice And A Career

“Physicians are looking for a few things – they want to know if they will be able to develop the type of practice they want, and they want to be compensated with fair market value. HSHS Medical Group gives you these things, plus allows you the time to build your patient base with the backing of a world-class health care organization.”

"It’s exciting being a part of an organization that shares my values."

Carolyn Wagner, NP,
Family Medicine
I see health care as much more than a job – I see it as a mission and I can’t imagine a better profession.

On The Employee-Friendly Atmosphere

“I would say that it is a very supportive atmosphere and an employee-friendly atmosphere. You have a wide variety of medical areas to choose from. We span two states with multiple practice venues. So, if you want to choose specialty, family practice, urgent care, or convenient care, you have many viable options.”

On Opportunities Within The Network And System

“You don’t have to necessarily stay within one facility your whole career – there is mobility within the network and system. Plus, there’s the great reputation. St. John’s Hospital (Springfield, Illinois) is near and dear to my heart and is where I worked before I went back to become a nurse practitioner. It’s just one of the many stars of the HSHS Medical Group system.”

On The Unique Attributes Of HSHS Medical Group

“With HSHS, it’s the Christ-centered compassion that makes us unique. We strive to follow His teachings and show His example in everything we do. I am very thankful that we are allowed to talk about that. In some secular practices I have been in, that is very much discouraged. Within this organization, we know who we are really working for.”

"I feel both privileged & honored to work for such an organization that incorporates Respect, Care, Competence & Joy as its core values as a company…as those are values that align & hold true in my own life."

Emma P.

"As an HSHS Medical Group employee, we are encouraged to work as a team and strive for excellence every day."

Kim C.

"At Patient Financial Services (PFS), we are hard-working individuals who care about our work, our patients, and each other."

Donna P.

"It’s been rewarding to work for almost 30 years with HSHS, a faith-based organization that is passionate about its values, and its patients!"

Debbie H.

"At HSHS Medical Group, we are encouraged to pursue growth opportunities within the organization and constantly improve our skills and performance."

Alicia N.

"HSHS Medical Group team members are loyal and dedicated to the community. They are more than fellow employees – they are my friends."

Dawn R.