Physician Led Stories

"The best care is not always the easiest care."

Greg Climaco, MD, FAAP,
Family Medicine
It’s important to guide patients toward treatment they need, not necessarily what they want, to achieve healthy outcomes.

On Giving Patients What They Need, Not Just What They Want

“This is not fast food – I am not here just to please you, the patient. My job is to do the best that I can FOR you and to give you all the information to help you make the best decisions. I am responsible for helping patients enhance and maintain their health.”

On Defining Success

“Success is, in theory, when patients really don’t need us anymore. If we could get all of our patients to do everything they were supposed to do to maintain good health, we would almost put ourselves out of business, because they would not need continuous care. When a patient comes in for care, we treat more than just their symptoms at the time – we look at the big picture to help them achieve and maintain healthy results in all areas of their lives.”

On Compassionate Care

“Even in difficult times I stay by my patients. It is important to continue to care for patients who are having personal troubles and I keep in mind that they are in pain, or having a breakdown. It’s easy to hold someone’s hand through a tough time. Compassion is providing a lending ear and helping hand, even when you know you will receive no gratitude in return.”

"Listening is the first step to successful, compassionate care."

Joseph Yazdi, MD,
Patients come to us with anxiety and fear. Our mission is to get them to relax and lead them toward the best treatment options.

On Leading Patients Toward The Best Treatment Options

“We sit down with our patients, listen to them and we talk WITH them – not talk down to them – and develop a plan for their specific needs. Patients come to us with discomfort and our job is to make them feel comfortable and relate to them in a meaningful way. We don’t just treat their symptoms – we treat their fears.”

On The Revolutionary Benefits Of Minimally Invasive Spine Procedures

“To make things easier for our patients, we utilize minimally invasive spine procedures. Compared to traditional lumbar procedures, minimally invasive procedures significantly reduce the size of the incision, the amount of pain the patient experiences, and the overall patient recovery time. It’s another example of how we constantly seek ways to enhance patient care by applying the latest techniques and technologies.”

On Working For A “Physician-Led” Organization

“Physician-led means to me, ‘where do we need to go to stay on the cutting edge of medicine and strive to achieve excellent patient care.’ Collectively, all HSHS Medical Group physicians have the dedication and resources we need to do our jobs and serve our patients with excellence, every day.”

On Defining Success

“There are many ways to define success. If you are patient-centered like we are, it depends on if the patient is happy and makes progress with their health challenges. When my son was 4 years old, someone asked him, ‘what does your daddy do’, and he said, ‘he helps people get better.’ That really sums it up!”