Quality of Care Stories

"Medical miracles – that’s what we see every day."

Anne Daly, RD,
Weight Loss/Diabetes Treatment Expert
When we help pre-diabetes and diabetes patients lead healthier lifestyles, it improves their health – and changes their lives.

On The Challenges Of Diabetes

“With diabetes, the first step of treatment is food management. We have an epidemic of diabetes and a triple-epidemic of pre-diabetes in the U.S. and around the world. It has everything to do with how people eat and their activity levels or lack thereof. It all affects body weight. If you have people with diabetes that are overweight, our ability to treat them is blocked until they manage their weight. If you have people who are overweight but don’t have diabetes yet, they are at high risk to develop it.”

On Her Work At Springfield Diabetes and Endocrine Center (SDEC)

“As a co-founder of SDEC, my official title is Director of Nutrition and Diabetes Education. I also have evolved into a clinical manager for many of the people who work here. The practice is divided into three areas of activity:

  1. Our Clinic: Where our physicians prescribe treatments for patients
  2. Our Research Area: Where diabetes treatments are developed
  3. The Health Management Resources (HMR) Weight Management Program


On Helping To Improve The Health Of Patients Through HMR

“We take people who are on large amounts of medication, help them reduce their medication intake, and eventually their vital health numbers become normal. Our patients lose an average of 60 to 100 pounds, and when they do, they become different, healthier people – and they love it. It is a process that is truly empowering.”

"We treat our patients like family."

Prasanta Bhamidipati, MD, FAAP,
At our clinic, we provide that extra level of care that can make a difference in our patients’ and their families’ lives.

On Providing High-Quality Care

“All diagnostic tests, such as blood work, x-ray and allied services for our patients are available under the HSHS Medical Group. We have excellent communication capabilities between several units within the group. When children visit our clinic all services are provided under one roof.”

On The Importance Of Good Communication

“Since I deal with pediatric patients, it is extremely crucial that I work well with the parents. Unless I can successfully communicate with the parents, I will not be able make any headway in treating my patients. A large portion of my time with children is devoted to establishing a good rapport with their parents. My goal is to win the trust of the parent of my patients.”

On Compassionate Care

“I believe that I am able to provide sound treatment only when I understand the circumstances of the patients and their families, rather than just the sickness. For instance, when I discovered that a particular ailment was due to a weight issue, rather than telling my patients to avoid fatty foods, I made an effort to understand their eating habits, the reason why their family visits fast food restaurants and suggested incremental dietary changes. Over a period of time I was able to influence a change in eating habits and improvements in the underlying cause.”