HSHS Neuroscience Center

HSHS Neuroscience Center

Leaders in diagnosis, treatment and management of neurological disorders.

HSHS Neuroscience Center

Brain and spine disorders require very specialized skills to correctly diagnose and treat. At HSHS Neuroscience Center, we use advanced technologies, therapies and surgical techniques needed to diagnose and treat a full spectrum of disorders, including patients who have experienced strokes, epilepsy and dementia.

 “The HSHS Neuroscience Center is a comprehensive group that allows pediatric neurology, adult neurology and neurosurgery to work together under the same roof. It is important for us to work as a team because many patients with neurologic disorders need access to more than one doctor. The Neuroscience Center streamlines care and allows access to all neurology services within the same location,” said Todd Elmore, MD. “Having adult and pediatric neurology together also allows us to transition young patients as they get older.”

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